News & Events

Ramadan School Timings

Starts on the 28th of May from 8:30 am til 12:30 pm

End of Year Assessment & Parent Revision Guides

Exams Weeks from 21 May til 15 June 2017

Spelling Bee (Newton Group)

Congratulations to the children whom represented the school at the Newton International School 1st Spelling Bee.

Middle East Unity Cup Gala

Following months of intense training the NIS Lagoon Swimming Team once again participated in the Middle East Unity Cup Gala in the Hamdan Sports Complex in Dubai. This is the biggest Swimming Gala in the Gulf with over 1000 swimmers competing over two days.

End of Term Assessment & Parent Revision Guides

Exams Weeks from 26 March til 6 April 2017

Chess Championship

Chess Championship held on the 9th of March 2017 (Thursday) at the Primary building.

Global Connections University Expo

The Global Connections University expo was held at NIS Lagoon on Tuesday 7 March. This was attended by groups of pupils from Year 10 - Year 12. Important information to guide career choice as well as university choice was made available to our pupils.

NIS Lagoon wins First Parliamentary Debate Competition

NIS Lagoon created a Speech and Parliamentary Debate team to meet such a challenge given to us by our sister school, Newton International Academy in Barwa. Photos can be viewed in the Picture Gallery

PBIS Party

PBIS Party on Thursday, 23rd February 2017

Launched our new website design!

We are very excited to have finally launched our new website design!.